Our Team

The Transformative team, having over 50 years’ combined experience, consists of people from different nationalities and backgrounds working relentlessly to ensure our customers get only the best content, products and expertise. We have a moral duty to share the teachings of Ayurveda to people across the globe, hoping to make a positive and fundamental difference their lives.

At Transformative, we have diverse teams:

Content & Product Development

Comprising of Web and Graphic Designers, Video Editors, Copywriters, Content Managers, ideators and other creative people, the Content and Product Development team oversees the production of new educational courses from start to finish. They ensure that the Ayurvedic knowledge presented in the courses is accurate, understandable, useful and applicable. They create the story around the course and ensure you get to know about it!

Technology Development

Comprising of tech whizzes, our Tech Team combines ancient knowledge with modern day technology to bring Ayurveda closer to you. Not only do they oversee the desktop platform where you can access all your courses, they also ensure you can watch your favorite course from your phone or iPad. On top of this, they have worked tirelessly to develop your very own personalized Ayurveda app!

Media Buying & Advertising

Comprising of engineers and MBA's, this team is obsessed with crunching numbers (not joking – they’ve written “We love numbers” on the wall in our office)! They are responsible for expanding our reach through platforms such as Google, Facebook and Pinterest. You might have seen a Kansa Wand pop up on your news feed – that’s them at work!


They help us find what you need. They help us find out what you like, why you like it and – most importantly – if we’re serving you the way you deserve. Continually analyzing whether we’re doing the best we can to serve you the best we can, this team helps us improve our products and services to your needs.


Bringing a wide range of high quality, Ayurvedic products closer to you. Constantly on the lookout for new products we could introduce to you, this team is obsessed with offering you only the best Ayurvedic products for the best price. They’re also responsible for those huge discounts we regularly offer!

Shipping & Logistics

Having spent the most late nights our office, this team ensures your freshly ordered products get sent out to you as soon as possible. Because we know the struggles of waiting for a highly anticipated package.

Customer Support

Your point of contact with us. Is there anything you need? Do you have any questions, concerns or do you just want to talk to a real person over the phone? Our Customer Support team works day and night to ensure your queries are being answered (by a real human – always).

We are continually looking for new talent to join our teams. If you, too, would like to experience this elevating adrenaline rush, we would be more than happy to consider your desire, will and potential to join us!

Drop us an email to chat about any potential opportunities for you here.

Meet some of us below...

Rishabh Chopra

Founding Director, CEO

Kabir Kochhar


Venu Bhanot

head - content & product development

Magendra Singh

tech lead

Raghav Beri

Head of Ecommerce

Dr. Deepak Bhanot

Ayurvedic Consultant

Niels Griffioen

Media Buying Manager

Vandana Gauri

Visual Strategist

Vikas Wadhera

Admin Manager

Anke Vanspauwen

Content & Product Development Associate

Sachin Rai

Video Editor

Dheeraj Verma

Product Shipping Head

Maria Amaya

Customer Support

Shashank Lath

Operations & Process Manager

Pankhuri Arora

Media Buying Associate

Amogh Ahluwalia

Operations And Process Manager

If you too would like to experience this elevating adrenaline rush, we would be more than happy to consider your desire, will and potential to join us!

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