Transformative Learning Solutions is the parent company that has developed one of the largest global, singularly Ayurveda focused portals -

The Ayurveda Experience develops and markets compliant Ayurveda and Ayurveda-inspired skincare and wellness products, foods, beverages and supplements as well as educational courses to the US, Canada, Australia, Europe and now India, on its own platform.

A single, consolidated Ayurveda-focused platform, The Ayurveda Experience is one of the largest and the most recognized Ayurveda websites in North America. Advanced in 4 continents and having spread its wings in about 150 countries, with over 1 Million customers, The Ayurveda Experience platform has been the key impetus behind the rapid popularity of Ayurveda across the West and has helped rehash the modern approach to health, wellness and lifestyle with the ancient, holistic 5,000-year-old ‘Science of Life’ – Ayurveda.

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Qualified audiences are amongst the most expensive assets today.

Post acquisition, our plan is to provide the customers with more high-quality and effective products through multiple brands/categories.

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Our Brands

The Ayurveda Experience caters to diverse needs of the modern consumer with different brands that bring a specialized, unique Ayurvedic and artistic thesis to the fore, customized specifically for various geographies and markets.

iYURA is a 100% natural, authentic Ayurvedic skincare brand of compliant and effective products that brings ancient beauty formulas designed specifically for the modern, western user to North America, Australia and Europe. Available in these nations, the iYURA product range comprises of 100% natural oils and ubtans that are meant to make beauty a deeper experience. Over 250,000 people have tried iYURA products and loved them for their effectivity and purity!

Along with great results and the true blessings of nature, iYURA also brings to the fore the beauty of hand-painted artwork created in the ancient Indian tradition of Madhubani painting. We're proud of this being the first and only brand of its kind to bring traditional Indian folk art of Madhubani painting to the core of the brand's identity.

Ajara (‘Ageless’ in Sanskrit) is a range of pristine, indulging, nurturing skincare essentials which finds its roots in the age-old ‘Science of Life’ - Ayurveda.

Thoughtfully handcrafted with pure, safe, recognizable ingredients, Ajara ensures unique, specific skin care for your skin type and Dosha.

Ajara products have been so thoughtfully designed that each serum, cleanser, scrub, cream, or even toner has been handcrafted keeping in mind different skin types. Besides, Ajara personal care essentials are made from purposeful ingredients that are easily identifiable. (In fact, many of the ingredients can be even found at home, and some, even in the kitchen).

Using pure ingredients – organic when possible, wildcrafted when not – Ajara embodies the idea of clean beauty. We steer clear from using harsh chemicals.​

Varaasa draws upon India’s unique, rich medicinal, cultural, scientific and artistic heritage, finding its origins in two words: “Vaarsa” and “Viraasat” both meaning ‘heritage’ or ‘inheritance’.

As the authentic, 100% NATURAL Ayurvedic brand for India available on this leading-edge platform that caters to the contemporary beauty and wellness needs of the modern user, each bottle and box contains the profound beauty and the fathomless heritage of India’s rich culture through its very own Science of Life – Ayurveda. In realizing the humble goal of unraveling the mysteries contained in the Ayurvedic texts, Varaasa Heritage Ayurveda strives forth and sets the ball rolling towards a self-reliant, safe and natural future - bridging the gap between art and science, wellness and beauty – only the way India can!

PURISM, the Pure Essence of Nature, is a range of natural, pure, effective Ayurveda-inspired skincare products that are based on ancient formulations that have been showing results for thousands of years! These products have been thoughtfully, meticulously crafted with natural, organic, safe & recognizable ingredients taken right off from Nature’s lap (that can also be found in your kitchen). Using pure ingredients – 100% Natural, not gimmicky natural that adds some chemicals in the name of preservatives and fragrances – Purism embodies the idea of pure beauty. We steer clear from using any chemicals.

A reliable brand that celebrates the essence of true, natural beauty, Purism takes pride in creating a pure, high-integrity personal care line that is pure, and effective, and celebrates the agelessness of women of all ages! With Purism, your everyday skincare routines won’t remain a chore anymore but will become a look-forward-to treat.

A. Modernica Naturalis makes a breakthrough in natural, plant-based skincare that combines the best of East and West in modern formats, much like the artistic movement of Art Nouveau, an ornamental style of art that flourished between 1890 and 1910 throughout the West. Inspired by Art Nouveau A. Modernica Naturalis imbues its own movement of Ayurveda Nouveau or New Ayurveda to provide a high-quality, nature-based alternative to the skincare world. A. Modernica products are created using traditional Ayurvedic oils, pure Ayurvedic ingredients and wonders of western skin-science presented in modern, easy-to-use formats.

All A. Modernica products are Vegan with No-Harmful Chemicals, No Artificial Fragrance, No Dyes or Added Colour, No Sulphates or Parabens.

Ayuttva, The Ayurveda Experience’s very own Ayurvedic Foods, Beverages and Supplements brand, finds its genesis in 2 words: “Ayu” = Life and “Tattva” = Element, referring to the 5 elements of ‘Ayurveda’ or the ‘Science of Life’

Ayuttva signifies balance of five elements (air, water, fire, wind and space) which directly balances the three doshas (kapha, pitta, vata).

Interestingly, “Ayuttva” can also be interpreted as ‘Ayurveda-ism’ - a way of life where all choices go back to syncing with nature and being in line with the principles of Ayurveda!

Ayuttva presents unique consumables based on ancient, time-tested Ayurvedic principles that bring traditional Ayurvedic recipes of foods, beverages and supplements in convenient, modern, easy to consume formats, helping weave authentic Ayurveda more deeply into your daily routine!

Ayuttva’s eye-catching packaging is special – each hand-drawn artwork tells a story, makes health a subject of visual and mental engagement and draws one and all into the world of Ayurveda with excitement!

Our Board

Giri Krishnaswamy

CIO for Kalpavriksh Fund

Kanwaljit Singh

Managing Partner, Fireside

Mohit Satyanand

Chairman, Teamwork Arts and Former Director at DFM Foods

Pawan Chopra

Director at Dua and Dua and Former Secretary of Government of India

Rishabh Chopra - Founder, C.E.O.

An alum of Indian School of Business, Hyderabad, Rishabh founded and incubated this business at ISB. The company was founded in 2010 while Rishabh was still doing his MBA at ISB, and thereafter incubated by ISB and invested in by several marquee angel investors. Since then, the company has received institutional capital from investors such as Fireside Ventures and The Kalpvriksh Fund (Centrum Group).

Prior to ISB and Founding TAE, Rishabh had several years in senior leadership positions at one of the largest global not-for-profit youth development organizations called AIESEC with over 100,000 volunteers annually, which gave Rishabh a vast global network and experience of managing a large number of people at a young age.

Global Vice President of External Relations

At AIESEC International, Rishabh was responsible for managing Global Partnerships based out of the Global HQ. Partnerships were mostly talent sourcing and development partnerships with Fortune 500 firms such as USB, PWC, ING, ABN AMRO, TCS and several other leading institutions.

He traveled 26 countries during this 14-month term to establish partnerships across several continents, lead a Team of 7 members from 5 nationalities and managed AIESEC's International Advisory Council comprising of CEO's and Global Heads from all involved for profit and not for profit organizations.

President- AIESEC in India

AIESEC in India is one of AIESECs largest National Chapters, and for the better part of the last two decades, has been the largest AIESEC Chapter in the world. AIESEC in India has been supported in its growth by its Board of Advisors Including several leading corporate and socially focused leaders including Ratan Tata, Adi Godrej, Meera Sanyal, Naina Lal Kidwai, Nandan Nilekani, Bobby Parikh, Ranjit Pandit, Atul Singh and several others as well. As President of AIESEC India, in addition to Managing the Board of Advisors, Directors and Alumni, Rishabh was responsible for driving growth across our 15 Local Chapters and 2000 members countrywide to achieve their Youth-Development and International Experience focused goals. During his term, AIESEC in India won the ING award for Global Excellence recognizing it to be best performing chapter in several categories in the world, and the UBS award for excellence in the Asia pacific region.

Today, Rishabh is on the Board of AIESEC in Delhi IIT and is also a member of the Board of Advisors to IILM University.

When I entered the world of seed investing, it was purely an exercise in investment allocation. It was Rishabh, one of the first founders I met, who persuaded me to take on another role, of mentor. I don’t know how much Rishabh learned from me, but I learned a great deal - about passion, tenacity, and discipline.

Rishabh approaches every problem with deep and rigorous analysis. Every pre-conceived notion is put to the test of numbers, and logic. Every proposed model is examined against those that already exist in competitive spaces, and optimised for our business. In the last 5 years, TLS has had to learn a raft of new skills, in product formulation and compliance; in logistics and out-sourcing; in market segmentation and branding. At every stage, Rishabh has been able to attract the appropriate talent, integrate them into the team, and create additional value for the business.

TLS has been an exciting experience for me, as an investor, mentor and student of business. I am extremely optimistic about the company’s future as a path-breaking and highly profitable enterprise, blending ayurvedic knowledge with modern science, for the delight of millions around the world.

Mohit Satyanand

- Chairman Teamwork Arts and Former Director at DFM foods

Notable Investors

Fireside Ventures​​

Kalpvriksh Fund 

Anicut Capital  ​​

Riverwalk Ventures

Singularity Ventures

Emerge Capital Opportunities Scheme  ​

Rishabh Mariwala (Co-founder Sharpp Ventures and Board Member Marico)  ​

Urminn Group​  ​

KCT Thapar Family Office​  ​

Patrika Group (8th Largest Newspaper in India)​ 

Oriental Carbon & Chemicals (Listed Company) 

Mohit Satyanand (Chairman - Team Work Arts, Former Director - DFM Foods, Director - Inlingua, Amrit Corp) 

Nipun Goel (President- Investment Banking, India Infoline) 

Rishab Malik (Venture Partner - Jungle Ventures, Co-Founder of Droom, Madison Capital)​

Laksh Vaaman Sehgal/ Samriddhi Sehgal (Vice Chairman - Motherson Sumi)​